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Liana Metal lives in Greece, on the island of Corfu. She is an EFL teacher(MAEd -Applied Linguistics), book reviewer and freelance writer. Liana is also an artist. Her drawings/paintings can be found both online at www.aggelia-online.gr and at several shops in Corfu town. To contact the artist visit http://LianaMetal.tripod.com or her blog at http://LianasKerkyra.blogspot.com Η Ηλιάνα Μεταλληνού διδάσκει Αγγλικά στην Κέρκυρα, γράφει άρθρα και ιστορίες για έντυπες και ηλεκτρονικές εκδόσεις σε όλο τον κόσμο και ζωγραφίζει. Μπορείτε να την επισκεφθείτε στην ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση http://toasprosaligari.blogspot.com και http://www.coffeetimecorfu.com


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Friday, March 7, 2008

The White Snail ( a story for kids of all ages)

The White Snail


A small snail lives in a large garden. He is one of a large family of garden snails, all brown but the little white one.

They all live happily together, and slide along the green grass and the green leaves of the vegetables. They love eating leaves and they are always hungry!

Soon the vegetables have small and big holes on them, for there are small and big snails everywhere in the garden.

The white snail likes strolling on the fresh grass and looking around. He loves the warm sun above. He loves the colorful flowers around him.

He even loves the birds chirping happily over him, but he takes care to hide well in his white home every time one of them comes closer!

He is a happy snail living in a beautiful garden. Then, one day, it rains.

Small raindrops fall everywhere in the garden. There are raindrops on the green grass, on the petals of the flowers and on the vegetable leaves.

The garden sparkles like a million stars!

"Wow!" the white snail says. "It's fantastic!" And he sets off sliding on the wet grass. He strolls until he reaches a huge lettuce.

"I am going to climb on this juicy leaf," he says and slides upwards. But halfway he stops.

He sees a small raindrop. It is crystal clear, like a mirror. He looks inside, and there he suddenly sees himself.

"Oh, " he says, "that's me! And this is my white home!"

He thinks for a while and then he says:

"I don't like it. I don't like my white home! I want to have a brown one, like all the other snails in the garden!"

And from this day on, the white snail is sad.

"How beautiful the other snails are! And I am so ugly!" he says to himself over and over again.

Every time he looks at his white home he becomes very unhappy.

But one bright day, he has got a bright idea!

"Wow!" he says.

He quickly takes a brush and some brown paint and starts painting his little home.

"It's going to be so beautiful," he says. "I am going to have a brown home soon."

He smiles happily and goes on painting. A sparrow flies over him and stares at his brown home in surprise. Then a bee buzzes over and circles around him for a couple of times before flying away to tell the strange news to her friends in the hive.

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