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Liana Metal lives in Greece, on the island of Corfu. She is an EFL teacher(MAEd -Applied Linguistics), book reviewer and freelance writer. Liana is also an artist. Her drawings/paintings can be found both online at www.aggelia-online.gr and at several shops in Corfu town. To contact the artist visit http://LianaMetal.tripod.com or her blog at http://LianasKerkyra.blogspot.com Η Ηλιάνα Μεταλληνού διδάσκει Αγγλικά στην Κέρκυρα, γράφει άρθρα και ιστορίες για έντυπες και ηλεκτρονικές εκδόσεις σε όλο τον κόσμο και ζωγραφίζει. Μπορείτε να την επισκεφθείτε στην ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση http://toasprosaligari.blogspot.com και http://www.coffeetimecorfu.com


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Read my Angel story!

An Angel in my Arms

by Liana Metal

I was lying in bed half asleep, when I had a feeling of something warm and eerie surrounding me. Suddenly, I saw myself standing in the middle of a room, and I knew I was not in my house, but in someone else’s. I was holding a baby in my arms.

It was soon just after Christmas when my pen friend Marie, from Toronto, Canada, told me the good news. "I'm going to have a baby! Imagine that, after so many years of expecting a miracle I'm finally going to become a mom! I am thrilled that I’m going to have a child at this age! Isn’t it a miracle? Peter can’t believe it either. We are both so excited and can't wait for the great day."
A week later I got her letter.
"I believe God has finally heard my prayers," she wrote," and I am grateful to Him. I’ve never lost my faith that one day I would have my own child. The doctor said I may have difficulties, but I believe that God will help me once more. Please, pray for me."
I read the letter of my pen friend over and over again, in amazement. Marie and I had been friends for over twenty years, since the day I found her address in a school magazine, and despite the great distance that separated us - I live in Greece- we clicked from our very first letter. It looked as if we had known each other for a long time, probably since our early childhood years, and we shared a lot of our daily problems, and good news as well.
That day, I was happily surprised when I read her letter. I had always known she wanted a child, but somehow, God had not let her have one, despite the fact that there was no obvious physical reason for this. Now that her husband, Peter, was in his late fifties and Marie in her early forties, they were going to become parents for the first time.
The announcement of her baby-to-come must have been a great surprise to both of them as well as to everybody else who knew them. I wrote back to her instantly, sending a beautiful card with a baby carried by a pelican.
“Please, tell me when the baby is due,” I wrote. “I would like to know. Everything will be fine so don’t worry. I pray for you every day. God will give you a beautiful baby, and I am grateful to Him for helping you.”
Weeks passed, and one day I got a letter from Marie.
“My baby is due in September,” she wrote. “The doctor already knows the sex of the baby but we told him not to tell us. We want to have a surprise.
I am still very worried about the possible implications of the birth, but when I am thinking of my baby, I forget all about it. I just want to have a healthy baby.”
I knew how she was feeling. Being a mother is a unique experience that a woman cannot take for granted. I kept writing to her trying to encourage her that everything would go on as planned.
“Don’t lose your faith,” I wrote. “If you strongly believe that you are going to succeed, then you will. Nothing bad can happen to you, so just let yourself enjoy these moments of happiness. Think that it is God’s will to happen this way, and everything will be done as He has planned.”
September came and my thoughts were there, with Marie and her baby. Then one night, something strange happened.
I was lying in bed half asleep, when I had a feeling of something warm and eerie surrounding me. Suddenly, I saw myself standing in the middle of a room, and I knew I was not in my house, but in someone else’s. I was holding a baby in my arms.
I looked at the baby. There was a hazy light all around and the baby smiled at me opening his blue sparkling eyes. I also noticed that the baby’s hair was golden.
I felt warm and strangely peaceful as I was holding the beautiful baby in my arms. Somehow I knew that that was not my baby. A voice inside me told me so.
When I opened my eyes the next morning the image of the baby was still vivid in my mind. The whole dream- was it a dream?- looked so real, I wasn't sure what to believe. I kept wondering whose baby I was holding for I had not forgotten the voice telling me, ‘this is not your baby’.
A few days later I got a letter from Marie.
“I had a baby girl last week,” she wrote. “She’s so beautiful! She’s got golden hair and bright blue eyes. I’ll send you a picture of her soon. I can’t tell you how happy Peter and I are! For the first time in our life we’ve experienced the ultimate feeling of happiness. We keep looking at our little girl and still can not believe it!”
Then I remembered my dream. I was ecstatic. It felt like the baby I had seen that night was Marie's. I wrote back to her and asked her about the exact date of her baby’s birth. It was as I had guessed. Everything fell into place. Marie had her baby on the night I had that strange dream. I was thrilled. I had to let her know about it, so I sent her a long letter describing in every detail what I had seen that night.
She was amazed too. God had given me a sign that everything was going to be fine with her. The little angel I was holding in my arms that night showed me that faith could do miracles. Marie’s life changed dramatically from that night on. We all prayed and hoped to be able to see more of God’s miracles.
Today, Marie lives happily with her husband and her only daughter. Her little angel has grown up and is studying in college. Life is good to them and they are grateful for God’s support, we all are.

Liana Metal is a teacher; artist and writer based in Europe. Visit her at www.lianametal.tripod.com

(This story is included in the Angel anthology titled: "Then Along Came an Angel" compiled by Julie Bonn Heath http://www.amazon.com/Then-Along-Came-Angel-Deliverance/dp/141410443X/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1222082602&sr=1-7

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