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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meet the artist Randy Dillon

Hello visitors,

Today I present an excellent artist, the painter Randy Dillon!
His new book has just come out, so you can have a look on Amazon (the link is below).
Enjoy the interview!

Interview Q&A

Tell us a few things about yourself.

I was born in New Orleans, LA. When I was around 11, I moved with my family to Dallas, TX.

When did you start painting?

I remember that it was when I was 14 that I began to save the paintings I was creating.

Why did you start painting?

It was an impulse of mine to draw and I filled up notebooks at school when I should have been studying or paying attention in class. Painting seemed like the next natural step.
I was always encouraged to draw by teachers at school.

What does Art offer you? What element attracted you to art?

Art gives a great freedom and breadth to communicate. My purpose is to make a picture that is as natural as as words or music.

What kind of medium do you use?

For painting I choose acrylic or oil paintings. I can't say that I have a preference as they possess their own strengths and weaknesses.

Where was your first art display?

In junior high school the teachers could see early on that I could draw and even the teachers who didn't teach art encouraged me. So they set up an art display for me in the school halls. Some of the art teachers I had started showing art from their students just to show my work. It was all very encouraging.

The last one?

The Whole Show at Kettle Art in Dallas, September 2009.

Let’s talk about your character. How would you define yourself?

It is very important to be open and honest. Trust has to be established up front.
I would define myself as an avant-garde artist. I have to take chances in art to keep it interesting.

Something you consider a drawback?

Artists have to do a lot of marketing. It can be time consuming. The art gallery system is in a deep depression currently, so up and coming artists are having a hard time of getting their artwork into newspapers (and other traditional media outlets) without established connections.

What inspires you?

I find most of my inspiration in my life as an autobiographical resource and in other artists. Their is a thriving online art community on myspace, which has a really good art scene.

There is an article called "Bright Lights, Big Internet" By Bill Wasik in The New York Times where he writes that the "Internet is the new New York". If that doesn't inspire an artist to set up a website and network online, I don't know what does!

Who is your favorite artist?

Pablo Picasso.

Your star sign?


What would you like to achieve?

I would like some day to be in the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Which are your plans for the future?

I have a book, Improvisations on a theme by Michelangelo, which I am currently in the process of getting into libraries. Currently, it is available on amazon,

Illustration 1: Reclining Woman on Balcony = Acrylic painting on canvas, 24
by 48 inches

Illustration 2: # Woman Sleeping in Green Field = Acrylic painting on canvas,
36 by 24 inches


Liana said...

Thank you Randy! I've enjoyed your interview. Good luck with your work.

Randy Dillon said...

Thank you Liana. It was nice of you to ask.